Spring 2018

We're rehearsing and recording new material in the H.O.M.E. Studio.

Winter 2017

New Single out! "Give me some Time"

The Panta Rei 2.0 Story

In the early seventies Georg was the lead singer of the legendary Uppsala band Panta Rei. 

During the years Georg has been singing with legendary musicians as Bernt Rosengren, Fläsket Brinner, Stay Free (Ita), and Michael Power (U.S ). 

Per, Thomas and Mats have played around in many different rock bands in Stockholm since the late seventies.

In 2011 Mats, Bernd Schmid, Per and Thomas started to jam together. One day Per brought his friend Georg. Georg stepped into the room, grabbed a mic and started to sing; Panta Rei 2.0 was born!

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